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The primary purpose of the Undergraduate Research Symposium is to provide a forum where undergraduate students may present their research to others in a professional environment. Audience members are expected to support the goals of the symposium by being congenial to and supportive of all presenters and by following the general expecations of the conference.


Remember, this is a professional conference as such the attire for the day is business attire.
1. Registering to attend a conference is a professional commitment:
Do not register if you cannot attend. In the unlikely event that something prevents you from coming, e-mail Dr. Kimberly Bell (kbell@shsu) to inform us of your withdrawal. Parents are the exception (many travel great distances to see their children present; it is understood that parchild present and understand if you need to arrive late or leave early)
2. Plan to arrive when registration begins and to stay the entire duration of the conference: 
We appreciate that many audience members are attending the conference to support a particular presenter; nonetheless, we ask that you help us to foster collegiality and promote the exchange of ideas by attending other sessions and offering constructive feedback and comments to session and poster presenters. Session information, room locations, and abstracts will be detailed in the program.
3. Keep cell phone use / texting to an absolute minimum:  turn off your phone while you are in sessions. If you must text someone, do it discretely between sessions. If you forget to turn off you phone and it rings in a session, turn it off immediately. Do not answer it.
4. Be respectful of session and poster presenters. Remember that for nearly everyone this is a first-time experience. Never interrupt a presentation; you will have time at the end of sessions for questions.


1.    Registration: Registration will be held in the Atrium on the third floor of the LSC from 8:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Present your SAM ID (or, if you are not a member of the SHSU community, register with the SHSU student you are supporting) to receive your symposium program and gift bag at check-in. A light breakfast will be served in room 320, where you may also view posters before the oral-media sessions begin.

2.    Parking for Guests: Parking for visitors and guests is available without a permit on Saturdays in all campus lots. The parking garage is available for $1.00 per hour ($5.00 daily).  Please do not park in handicap or numbered faculty reservation spaces. 

3.    Session Format (for your information): Each session will have a presider, a student who will introduce each speaker and keep track of time. S/he will also announce that the question-and-answer session will be held at the end of the session, after everyone has presented. 

Each session will also include a moderator, a faculty member who will be informally evaluating 
presentations.  No one will preside over the poster session, but there will be faculty moderators who 
will evaluate posters during the poster session.

Thank you.


To contact us directly, email:

Or you can contact the Honors Office at 936-294-1477 or


College of Humanities and Social Sciences Building
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, Texas
United States